Everything was against us, Mourinho said after the debacle of United with Chelsea

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Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho had a bad return to the Chelsea stadium, where he suffered a 0: 4 debacle in the Sunday league of the English League with the “Red Devils”. According to a Portuguese coach, everything was against his team from Bet365 the very first minute he opened the Spanish Spaniard.

“If it was possible to erase the incredible defensive mistakes, we did a good job. creating chances and half-chances and pushing opponents. That would be a very unfair result, “Mourinho told reporters.” So from that moment on, everything was wrong and everything against us, Chelsea was where she wanted to be.Whenever we were close to the downfall, we were punished by a rapid counterattack, “ added Mourinho suffered his most difficult defeat in the Premier League on his first visit to a former club. experienced only in 2010, when his Real Madrid succumbed to a 0: 5 archival rival of Barcelona. They are, of course, disappointed. I am sorry and I have to apologize as the head of the cabin. The only answer to this is to train hard and continue to fight, “Mourinho said.

The ambitious United, who strengthened heavily in the summer, lose six points from the seventh place on the leading three after Manchester 9 City, Arsenal, Liverpool. “We’re six points from the top of the league, not sixteen.And three or four points behind the first four, which is close. In addition, we have had tough matches. I’m not saying at all that the upcoming Bet365 matches are simple, but we have to beat opponents from the middle of the table like Burnley, Swansea, Sunderland and Middlesbrough, “Mourinho pointed out. He refused to shed light on the situation just after the final whistle at Stamford Bridge, whispering vehemently to his Italian counterpart Antonio Contem while shaking hands, according to the media, Mourinho complained that Chelsea’s coach had encouraged viewers to be more active in a 4-0 state, thereby undermining United.

“I spoke with Cont, not you. I am not the type of person who comes here and interprets a personal conversation.It will remain between me and Antonio if he does not want to share it, “ said the Portuguese coach. more on: en-sportbet.com